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Well hello there again! 🙂 how are you? hope you are doing well

Today we will be talking about the process of graphic designing especially when it comes to clients. why do we need a process? why can’t we just straight away design it? why do we need to have a process? Having a step-by-step process makes our life easier in terms of saving time and being more organize. Therefore,having a process is very important and it is also important to follow the processes.

Of course there are various graphic designers working process when you google it. However the one that I am going to show you is very special because it is created by one of the groups in my class.

image :

Of course not to forget to give credit to these wonderful people for making the designing process



Melanie Quek
Melanie Quek


Safia Zamri
Safia Zamri


Thiyagu Govindan
Thiyagu Govindan


Ross Abbasov
Ross Abbasov

5. Luqman Faris (I couldn’t find any of his pictures)

Well then that concludes this post today. I hope you guys try out the process and find it easy to follow. Have a wonderful day and see you in the next post 🙂


image : goodbye


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