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Well well well hello againnn!!

I had my first class last week and we started of with a very simple topic which is Vector Graphics. 

Vector Graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygons—all of which are based on mathematical expressions—to represent images in computer graphics.

Vector graphics are based on vectors (also called paths), which lead through locations called control points or nodes. Vector graphics are divided into different type of group

This is an example of a polygon vector graphic :


Wak Doyok here. 🙂
This is a polygon vector graphic which is the one that I really want to learn how to do. It seems difficult to make. it is very detailed and a very cool vector i n my opinion.

Here is one of tutorial that I got from internet.

This vector for me actually, an expression of human face that also looks like a diamond blink shape. 😀

date : 25th June 2015
image by :

credit to :

Muhammad’Asyffeq Arba’in

This is an example of a logo vector graphic :


You know it’s the puasa period when this logo and it’s advertisements starts popping out.
This is the logo for the famous date brand Yusuf Taiyoob. The dates are eaten mainly by Muslims in the early morning to sustain energy throughout the day during puasa.

Time: 3pm
Date: 25/06/15
Place: AEON Alamanda Putrajaya

image :

credit to :

Joel Lee Zhen Ern
Joel Lee Zhen Ern

And the last but not least, this is a desktop publishing vector graphic (using symbols to show information or to give a warning to the public) :


The two designs of the logos provided on a baby wipes’ packet.
The purpose of the first design is to tell us the wipes containing organic which is extracted from the plants while another design is to inform us that the wipes can be handle easily using one hand.


image :

credit to :

XJ Soon
XJ Soon

Well then, this concludes to my blog today. I hope you guys find these helpful and easy. See you next time 🙂


image : goodbye


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