image : hello

As for this blog I will be writing in English since English is our international language and it will be easier for everyone to read it

Well this blog will be mostly about computer graphics and as for this post is just an introduction about this blog. Sooooo no computer graphics talking todayyy. Just getting to know a little bit about me 🙂

My name is Shazana Aznan and yes I’m a fresh undergraduate who takes computer graphic class every week. So the real story is the lecturer told us (the students) to do a blog about computer graphics. Before I get into details I want to credit my lecturer, Ms.Ling Siew Woei is literally the most cutest,happy and such a cheerful person! Makes me happy to go to her class. I was Enchanted to meet her ^_^

So Anyway this blog at first,I thought it was something that is being forced to do. But then in time,having a blog is kinda fun and also a great experience. Ms Ling believes in “Sharing is caring” and in my opinion I think doing a blog is a very smart way to share the things we learn in class every week about computer graphics.

So this will be the end of my introduction. I know I didn’t really share much about me but I do like to keep my personal life private. I will try to keep updated with this blog. **It is my first time anyway. Hope you wonderful people have a really good day and see you soon!!!


image : goodbye


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